Cold noodle salad

Whew! What a week! I was soooo busy, I didn’t get a chance to blog! (Well, not really, but it’s a good excuse.)

So, what made it busy, you ask? Let me tell you … Tuesday evening was a nice quiet dinner with h! is for Hulk. It was a cold noodle salad with anise, cucumber, cold chicken and a peanut sauce. Then we were going to go to Crash at the Paradise Cinema, but we decided instead to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Wow! What a good movie! That Johnny Depp can do anything. I mean, I’ve seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Edward Scissorhands, even 21 Jump Street. He can pull off any character he wants.

Wednesday was a nice quiet evening at home shooting things … that is, some multiplayer CoD with Gwildor. Thursday was a nice dinner with ‘Leeeza, RLP and h! down at Pho Hung on Bloor, right beside Gabby’s. Then some after-dinner drinks at the Ballroom. Friday night was dinner at Gwildor and Trikie‘s, finished by a rousing game of Settlers. (I wasn’t going to mention getting a full cup of coffee spilled on me, but there you go, now you know. I was prepped to stay the night, so the clothes went right into the washer and were cleaned.) Saturday morning and into the afternoon was spent staining G & T’s back patio. We had a quick game of Settlers that I won, yay! Then the evening was topped off with a Good Charlotte concert down at the Molson Amphitheater. What a good show. Although, I keep forgetting that teeny-boppers can scream like crazy when the band asks them to!

I spent Sunday relaxing mostly. I played a little MxO and came within centimetres of finishing the last planned page for (I’ll finish it tonight, h!, I swear!)