Nothing huge, nothing special

Nothing huge, nothing special … just a quick note that the website is fully operational. And with this major endeavour behind me—sort of, I’m sure h! is for Hulk will find more work for me—I can get back to the projects I had on the go. Like getting the CFL stats back on the site—I forgot that I had changed the layout of the site after the regular season had finished—and getting back to crackerMail v2.0 development. You people laugh, I know, but crackerMail is the only webmail program (that I and many others have found) that allows easy navigation of multiple mailboxes. It’s functionality is going to be expanded exponentially with v2.0 … including allowing both POP3 and IMAP servers and configurable ports, as well as fuller attachment, reply and forwarding handling. Nyah nyah! I built a cool webmail program and you didn’t!!

Update: I had the CFL stats back up, but found out that whatever I did looks like s— in Internet Explorer … I’m working on it! … Okay, it’s fixed. Wow! Internet Explorer is a real pain in the ass … Yay, Mozilla!!