In Good Company

Unfortunately, I’m not perfect. ‘What!?’ You ask, incredulously.’That’s not possible!’ I know, I didn’t think so myself, but it’s now been proven. I noticed that somehow In Good Company was showing up in the Top Ten Movies as ‘Mpany’. At first, I thought it was some new foreign film, and was interested … But, no, sadly just Big Cracker’s error in programming and overlooking the possibility of data differing from the norm. It turns out that likes to screw around with their data sometimes (most likely to piss me off) and, of course, my little php script didn’t expect it. That’s fixed now, as you can see. I’m sorry.

Oh, and now you can easily use HTML in your responses to my blogs, editorials and reviews with the fancy-schmancy new Rich Text Editor from Kevin Roth that I’ve just implemented.