Dinner with the Fam

So, what’s the haps, homey? A big nada!! Well, that’s not completely true. Last Thursday, I went to Hemispheres with Mommy and the Wolfman. And, I have to say, it was spectacular.Well, I told Daddy-O that I didn’t have a “special dinner”, and that’s true enough. It was just dinner with the fam. But it was very good food, and not food that I would have on a regular basis. I had a beef carpaccio, some roasted quail with wild mushrooms and truffles (which are mushrooms, so it was probably truffle oil) and banana cream in phyllo pastry for dessert. Dee-licious!

Otherwise … pretty boring. A little MxO, a little CoD … I bought a new headset with microphone for the ‘puter, but I haven’t tested out the Teamspeak yet. I watched the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on YTV. And I got completely roasted on Fantastic Four on the Hollywood Stock Exchange. I bought the Put option (betting that the movie won’t do as well opening weekend as predicted) and shorted the Call option (I bet that the bet that the movie would do as well as predicted was false… whew, that doesn’t make much sense … trust me). Well, the movie did better than predicted and I lost 40000 fake dollars. But I made money, $140000 on the same bet for crappy Dark Water! I guess I came out even.

So, again, not much, really, this weekend. It was back to the same old, same old at work this morning … *rolls eyes*lolls tongue*