Sunday afternoon

Woo Boy! Sunday afternoon, and I’m roasting like never before … well, not since last week, anyway. This town is so bloody hot, I don’t how or why people live here. And the temperature wouldn’t feel so hot, if the humidity weren’t 100% and if the air actually moved … I mean, there is no breeze whatsoever!! It’s absolutely unbearable. Most people I know have air conditioning and when I tell them I don’t, they say, “Oh, that’s terrible!” But I don’t think they understand that I sweat all day, everyday when I’m in my house. I go to work to get into an air-conditioned building. And any exercise I was hoping to get by riding my bike … fuhgeddaboutit!! I can’t barely walk, let alone expend the energy riding. Not to mention the great buckets of sweat that would pour off me!!

Oh and by the way, did I mention it’s hot outside?