Heat-induced rage

I guess in my heat-induced rage, I failed to mention my night out Friday, which happened to be rather eventful. I went with my roommate,Tigerrage, to Fionn MacCool’s,on the Esplanade. It was Tiger’s buddy Bard’s birthday, so we werehaving a couple of malted hops beverages, or beers, to some of you.(Actually, I just called it malted hops beverage for some sh–s and giggles.) Anywho, Tiger’s ex-girlfriend came down with her man, Tuck. And he brought some friends with him. I ended sitting between Tuck and his buddies. Why, I don’t know … Forced participation, maybe. And if you know me, I don’t say much, especially in the company of strangers. So I’m sitting, listening, enjoying the conversation, when there’s some question as to the name of the guy who gets stabbed behind the curtain in Hamlet. So I pipe up, “Polonius!” Well, that got a guffaw from everyone, and earned me the nickname, Polonius. The joke now is that I’m the guy who’s asleep in his chair and every now and again comes to and pipes up one word or phrase, “Polonius!” Ah, a good time had by all.

And, to top it all off, on the way, we stopped for some street meat (hot dogs and/or sausages sold by a guy or gal on the street). And while waiting for the bus, along comes my old roommate, Luigi Giuseppe, or Lou, for short. So we had a little chat and decided that sometime in the future, we should go for drinks. Our other buddy, E, has invited us each to the same bar for beers and wings, we thought we might put it all together and the three of us would go. Again, good times!