Witty repartee takes too long

So I had a great blog written for today, but my browser timed out and killed it before I finished posting. What’s here is missing a lot of the witty repartee that I’d written.

I’d made some comment about it being Monday and not being able to think of a good title for a Monday blog, except to quote Monday, Monday by the Mamas and the Papas. Then I thought Manic Monday by the Bangles might be the way to go, but “Six o’clock already | I was just in the middle of a dream | I was kissin’ Valentino | By a crystal blue Italian stream” isn’t really my style. If anything, my alarm doesn’t go off until 6:30, and I snooze it a couple of times first.

Also, yours truly fully skunkedsee definition 3, which is also a verbBig Gwilly, Trikie and JAC (Trikie’s sister) in a rousing game of SceneIt! Music edition. It was pretty much a shutout, it was sad. Although I was disappointed that I didn’t guess Jim Morrison from his junior high school yearbook photo in a “Rising Stars” question. (Yes, I’m a huge Doors fan!)

We played after a delicious dinner of lamb chops, roasted potatoes and steamed mixed veggies that JAC prepared. There was a bucketload of whinging about the amount of food, to the extent that JAC volunteered to order a pizza, which was completely unnecessary. She also fed us a very yummy, nutty cranberry-walnut loaf and black coffee. Well, it was my choice to consume the black coffee, which was very nice. JAC only had rice milk or cream, and I’m a hardcore 1% or skim milk man.

In other news, I was a little disappointed by Daddy-O’s reaction to the work I’ve done on a website for a conference he’s helping to organise (yes, with an ‘s’, in the manner of the British). I built a shiny HTML registration form that when submitted produces a PDF document with all the registrant’s information ready for printing or saving … “Huh, okay.” That’s it? It was a lot of work, and I need a special PHP class to do it! Well, whatever. It looks pretty and I’m happy!