A Philosopher? Really?

Some people obviously think a little too highly of themselves, and with not enough humour. I believe I mentioned the other day that I was at a small gathering, I maybe failed to mention that it was with over-educated people.

We were discussing that a university education is not necessarily intended to get a person a good job. Yes, a person gains skills, abilities and knowledge that will help him get a good job, or at least that will help to move him up the ladder of success more quickly.

I stated that, indeed, it’s not as though you can finish a bachelor’s degree and hang out your shingle as a philosopher. (An example with which some of you may be familiar.) There’s just not much call for professional philosophers these days.

“That’s what I did,” came the ridiculous response. “I would consider myself a philospher.”

Okay. That’s nice. I think your job title is program coordinator, and I’m pretty sure that neither knowledge of philosophy nor philosophizing were specific in the job description. Settle yourself down, I think you’ve just proved my point. I’m certain that knowledge and skills gained while completing a philosophy degree are very useful in coordinating a program, but that doesn’t make you a philosopher.