Learning about Myself

I was out to a small gathering a few days ago and ended up having to walk away from a conversation. Not literally, we were sitting at a table, but I had to stop having the conversation.

I mentioned that I had considered graduate studies (e.g., masters degree), but that I couldn’t think of any particular subject that I would want to study in great enough detail, or for such an extended length of time. I mostly got nods from people around the table.

“It’s not really about studying the subject. It’s really about learning about yourself: what interests you, what drives you to learn,” was the most vocal comment.

Nonsense. For the time, money and effort I’m putting in, I had better learn more than just about myself. And with a master’s degree, I’d better have more skills and knowledge than just about myself.

Believe what you like, but an education is not for learning about yourself, it’s about gaining knowledge. You want to learn about yourself? Spend a few months travelling the world.