Day 7 Excerpt from My Untitled NaNoWriMo Western

Downtown Albuquerque 1880Clive arrived in Winslow, Arizona to begin work with Kent Gray, the head of security for the Santa Fe to Barstow line of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad. Mr. Gray and Clive had first met in Magdalena, when Clive was a deputy sheriff and had ended the O’Handley Gang’s stagecoach robbing.

Mr. Gray had been impressed with the way Clive had worked out where the gang was holed up, and where they’d likely ambush the next stage. Clive was right and they’d carted the whole gang to the penitentiary in Yuma.

It hadn’t been a long trip from Magdalena to Winslow, but he’d had to change trains in Albuquerque. Clive had taken the opportunity to see the big city, he’d been told La Placita, the central plaza of Old Town Albuquerque, was something to see. The city was big and loud and busy, and Clive couldn’t see why anyone would bother with it, when you could be riding a horse across the desert and sleeping under the stars.