Holly Cole

Yeah, yeah, so this is dated Friday and I wrote it Monday, sue me. I was fartin’ around with other stuff all weekend and never got this done.

Daddy-o got me a ticket to the Holly Cole show at Roy Thompson Hall for my birthday. Thanks, Dad! And what an excellent show. With that sultry, sexy voice, she could sing the ABCs and sound amazing. My only issue is that it was a Christmas show. I’m a bit of grinchy scrooge at Christmas, other than gifts and cards. Gwildor can attest to my vehement opposition to Christmas decorating. I will give Ms. Cole credit, though, the Christmas selections were rarities and were interspersed with some of her classics (I Can See Clearly Now and Cry (If You Want To)) and some other seldom-heard tunes. She was accompanied by a full orchestra along with her band. The pianist (Aaron Davis) had written all the orchestral arrangements, which sounded excellent.

Good job! 8 out of 10 saltines!