Keep your pie-hole shut

Hey, hey! Back in ToonTown!! Good Times!

So my buddy Nelson/Santo picked me up at the airport, since my Daddy-o is out of town. And we took a really long way home from the airport. As soon as we turned off the road from the airport, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure where he was intending to go. He told me that he seems to always take the wrong way from the aiport. He said that one time he had picked some people up and as he was driving them they would remark on every turn that he made. Not to provide any constructive feedback, simply to admonish him.

Now, it is my opinion that if you have nothing useful to say, you can keep your pie-hole shut. If you have, in your opinion, something to contribute, please, by all means, contribute. But remember that you are simply providing input, and the person receiving it can take it or leave it.

I leave this with you to contemplate or ignore as you wish.