Making people believe

My main reason for being in town is by buddy Nelson/Santo’s wedding to the lovely and talented E. And the reason I came in a week early was to be able to go to the stag. Now, Saskatoon has a bylaw that works against strip clubs, so there’s only one, and the poor owner is in court fairly regularly. So, there’ll be no strippers. Most of us are from out of town and staying at our parents’ houses … so no wild parties with strippers, or even porn. Starting to sound a little lame? So we had planned to do some go-karting, but it’s Saskatchewan and generally a little cold out… so no go-karting. Dinner and drinks, then hopefully some drunken frivolity … should be good.

I’m going to add a note about my last post … I had no intention of making people believe that they didn’t have anything useful to contribute, and thus should simply keep their ‘pie-holes’ shut. But I think you all understood the context. If someone has an idea that you think is inapproriate, ill-considered, or even incorrect, unless you have a reasonable alternative that you can clearly communicate, don’t bother. I am happy to hear alternatives to anything I have said or have to say. But if your response is to mock me or criticize my ideas, leave me alone. I want to hear your opinion, and I will be able to judge for myself the strength of each of our ideas.

I apply this idea very obviously, and always, to advertising. If a company cannot advertise their product without saying that a specific competitor’s product is inferior, then I want no part of that product. My prime example is Pepsi™. They always, and I mean always (seriously, find me a time when they don’t) use Coke™ in their ads … Showing some dude surrounded by Coke™ products or insignia having some epiphany when trying Pepsi™ and leaving all the Coke™ behind. You don’t see any Pepsi™ products in Coke™ advertising ever.