Movies – double feature

I managed to catch a special double feature on the weekend, The Wicker Man and Snakes on a Plane.

The Wicker Man was ho-hum. Nicolas Cage was overacting, as he tends to do and making what seemed to be calm, rational situations into a whole lot of shouting. James Franco has a short cameo at the end that’s kinda fun, but it’s overshadowed by the reason behind: a terrible ending to Nic Cage’s character’s situation, especially since he’s built up as a such a tragic hero. Molly Parker plays a fun, interesting role as a schoolteacher, and Kate Beahan is sexy, but her character is oddly suspicious and detached. 6 saltines out of 10, for the crappy ending and Nic’s overacting.

“I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!” That pretty much sums it up. Snakes on a Plane is exactly that. There’s a whole lotta snakes biting and spitting and slithering and constricting and generally fuckin’ shit up. There’s a little action, a little suspense, some solid comedy relief, but for the most part, slithering, biting snakes in a confined space. It’s kinds creepy and kinda funny, but pretty much fun. And apart from all the dead people, it all turns out okay. Good times! 8 out of 10, for silly cheesiness.