Politics … sorry

A short note on politics tonight, since I had to vote today. “What? Big Cracker, none of the rest of us had to vote, why are you so special?” Well, little crackettes, there was a by-election in my riding, because our MPP stepped down to run for the leadership of the federal Liberal party. I gather there’s been some mud-slinging during the campaign, but isn’t that how politics works?

In other political news, wedding girl‘s dad is running for the leadership of a provincial political party and appears to be in the lead. If he wins, he’ll probably become Premier. I’m not sure what to think about that. Especially because I’m pretty sure my political leanings are quite the opposite of his. But I have been thinking that if I ever move back to Saskamatoon, I might run for city council. (Those idiots need a bit of a shake up.) So it might be helpful knowing a powerful politician.

Update: My candidate won. Yay!