Nanowrimo Day 29 – Going Generally Nowhere

Images by Kerem Beyit

Alrighty, it’s been a poor couple of weeks, with many more things other than writing occupying my mind and time. I’ve written a few things, so here’s another short selection from my very short novel.

The Demeter wasn’t a big ship, but it was plenty fast, and nimble. It didn’t hurt that Mac’s choice of pilot was exceptional. No, Mac wasn’t the pilot, but you’d expect that if he called someone exceptional it was probably himself. No, Kurt Billington, Billy, was the pilot. Kurt had raced rocket cruisers on Macedon when he was kid. Then flew in the Confederation Space Force for a few years, with dogfight training at Rhodes Flight School, and had graduated to driving for dignitaries, resulting in some interesting avoid-and-evade tactics. Finally, Billy came out of the second civil war bitter and jaded, preferring the challenge of illicit activity over routine patrols.