I’ll just quickly mention that I’m in the process of getting some old blogs posted, so you may see two or three more blogs posted today or tomorrow (in addition to the three posted yesterday) that are back-dated to some time last week. I’m sorry I got behind.

Anyway, to continue with today’s blog …. I hate second-guessing myself. After a chat with Gwildor, I find out that my old boss, Miss Evil Eyes, thinks I hate her, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken job #2. By the way, job #1 didn’t work out, so I took job #2, which means leaving job #3 (that I had been doing on contract). The reason I didn’t apply for job #3 when it was posted as a permanent position was because Miss Evil Eyes told me it wasn’t going to be posted with a preferred candidate (me) and as such I wasn’t guaranteed the job. My reasoning then was like, I have job #2 already offered and no guarantees on job #1 or job #3. So I take job #3, knowing that I have a decent job for about another year, then sort things out after that. But, man, she told me there was no guarantee and then wonders why I wouldn’t try. I still think I made the right choice, but I hate second-guessing myself.