The bull-mouse

Whew! Late night, last night!! In fact, early this morning … I got in about 3am. (Thanks to Shuttergirl for the ride home!) I went out to Sneaky Dee’s to watch RLP (Shuttergirl’s fiancé) shred some wicked guitar! He played 2 tunes, backed-up by Montréal’s Bullmoose, then the ‘Moose played 3 or 4 tunes. The line-up also included The Exchanges (very excellent), San Francisco Treat (also very excellent) and Kill the Lights (kinda alright). The show was for the birthdays of The Exchanges’ drummer (whose name I no longer recall) and some girl (who I don’t recall at all). I have the flier somewhere … hmmm … nope.

  • The Exchanges were good and loud. The lead singer looks a little like Casey Affleck. I liked their stuff.
  • San Francisco Treat was loud and sounded a lot like The Clash, which I really liked.
  • Kill the Lights were good, but sounded too much like Franz Ferdinand for my taste. Also, the name reminded me of Hit the Lights, by Metallica, so I was looking forward to Metallica and got Franz Ferdinand … a little disappointing.

Other than that, I’m getting closer to getting the apartment all organized. Maybe I’ll have a housewarming … 3 months later! I don’t think I mentioned the mouse in my apartment … I saw him within the first few days after I’d moved in and once or twice a few days later. So I put down 4 traps and nothing happened. When  I tidying up to move all my stuff out of storage, I put away 3 of the traps, the 4th was behind some boxes, so I left it. Well, I moved those boxes this weekend and, lo and behold! there was mouse, almost cut in two! Ha! So I put the mouse and the trap into the trash.