The Micronauts

I have to apologize profusely to Rob, Mark, Tim and Ali. I went to see their show last Tuesday at the Tranzac and I’m only singing their praises today. Their project, The Micronauts, is an interesting and excessively fun time.

The name derives from the instruments the boys are playing. Tiny ones. Tim has a set of drums for his 3 year old daughter, Ali plays melodica and a tiny electronic keyboard, Mark plays a tiny sax and Rob has a tiny guitar. Watching these guys play these tiny instruments was hilarious in and of itself, but they also play some fun, cheesy, classic tunes. For example, Survivor‘s Eye of the Tiger and Tears for FearsEverybody Wants to Rule the World. One thing that killed me was when Mark put down his tiny sax and swapped it for an even tinier sax.

Rob was in town from New York, so I don’t expect to see another Micronauts show in the near future, but it was a super fun experience that I won’t forget.