University or Bust?

The College BuildingI just read an article stating that high school guidance counsellors are beginning to review their advice to students about going to university. I say it’s about friggin’ time!

I attended university, I have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, and I now work for a university. But I don’t universally endorse a university education. Nor do I support the “credential creep” of numerous professions.

A good friend of mine was “required to discontinue” his university education, because of his poor performance. He went to college and is now a certified professional in his discipline. That same discipline now requires a university degree.

My experience, or at least my recollection, in high school is that students destined for university were nurtured, guided, and praised, and everyone else was a troublemaker, not worth anyone’s time. And now we have a shortage of skilled labour and an abundance of overqualified university graduates working at entry-level jobs, overburdened by student loans.

So, yes, I say it’s about friggin’ time. Let’s give students a real view of their options and help them make the choice that’s right for them.