One Man Star Wars

I meant to put this up this morning, or from work later, but, well …Anyway, I have 3 words for my experience Saturday night … Oh. My. God. Gwildor and I went to see One Man Star Wars … I laughed so hard I choked, there were tears streaming down my face … It was fantastic!! His Jabba the Hutt was outrageous, his Han Solo was perfect … While his Yoda left a little to be desired, it was completely offset by his Admiral Ackbar (It’s a traaap!!) and Nien Nunb. (Boy, this website is packed with stuff!) Anyway, what an excellent show! If Charles Ross is still doing the show and comes to your town, go see it! He also does a One Man Lord of the Rings.

In other news, I also went to a celebrity hockey game … Yes, hockey, people still play it … It was the 2nd Annual PEN Canada Great Literary Faceoff. Although the Writers lost last year 4-2 to thePublishers, and the grudge match was on, the Publishers came out 6-5,after a 3rd overtime shoot-out. The game MVP was easily Ingrid Randoja, deputy editor of Famous magazine, who put in the wickedest goal in the shoot-out, as well as one of the goals during regulation play.

After hockey it chicken wings at Gabby’s. Very good. While different from St. Louis’ (which I have scheduled for tomorrow night!), they’re very good. The reason I like St. Louis’ wings is ’cause they’re dry. Gabby’s makes ’em dripping with sauce, which I don’t much care for. Although, the steaming sauce does give you that bite right from the first inhale. Plus, Gabby’s had a new server, Hillary, who was pretty cute. It was her first day, she did a great job!

Last but not least … Sunday afternoon … A little chicken and ribs with Gwildor, Trikie and Big A. Very delicious.

Alright, that’s it, go home!