What a nice weekend

Or something like that. I had a pretty successful weekend, but I felt a bit lousy the whole time. I was supposed to go to a comedy show Friday night with Gwildor and Trikie (and I think Big A was going too), but I forgot all about it and by the time I was reminded, it was too late. Then I felt guilty all weekend and couldn’t bring myself to call and apologize for being a moron.

You see, here’s what happened: I was “job shadowing” this dude from another department (in another building across town). He took me on a tour of the office and showed all his job duties and what-not. He was done showing me everything by 1-1:30pm and told me that unless I just wanted to sit and watch him plug away at his work, I could leave. So I did. I went to Starbucks and got a grande non-fat latte. I read this book that I happened to have in my bag. Then I went to the movies (it was pretty good, too). I got another coffee after the movie and meandered home. Well, Trikie and Gwildor sent me reminders (to my work e-mail) of the comedy show, which I obviously didn’t see (the e-mails, that is), since I wasn’t at work. I also didn’t have my cell phone with me. So I was incommunicado and a moron … a bad combination.

Other than that, I did some clean-up on‘s mailing list (we were running into some errors) and LEO37‘s website and finished up a blogging script for wublub (although there’s some implementation obstacles to overcome). And I went for a shiny dim sum in Chinatown, at Asian Legend.

I also finally got my other website up and running and would appreciate any feedback you want to provide.